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So as some of you may know we are currently in the process of completely remaking the server, I mean we are actually making a DBC server completely different from all others.  We expect this to be done within the next month.  In this server remake we plan to have over 500 main & side quests completely custom and made by our staff team, loads of custom made buildings made by our builders and so much more I will provide a couple spoilers below! :)

Kame's Place

Part of new spawn

A Arena

A secret throne room

A secret

Custom Mod In Development!

- Custom TP Gems

Armor's Workshop


Gliby's Voice Chat

Hey guys its been a good year now but I am back and better!  Me and a few of the old staff including ATHAN are working on the server again that way we can bring it back to you guys!  But wait there is more!  Remember that dedicated machine project that we had awhile ago?  Well guess what? IT WAS A SUCCESS!  We now have our own dedicated machine that runs pretty good specs,  I will release the specs once the servers are running and I have fullly upgraded it! :)

ElectricAdmin Omg....i can't believe it ya'll might not remember me but i used to be a huge fan of this server

As of tonight I have added 2 popular and highly requested mods! Computer Craft & Warp Drive.  I am very interested how we are going to implement these in the server to fit with dbc I hope everyone enjoys the new content as it should add many more hours and fun to the server!

m_l_alexander could you also change the charging from passive to active?
[DBC Helper] GhostofSonGoku Helper Sky You forgot to add Industrialcraft2 without it we cant power our ships.

So as you can see we host and plan to host lots of servers so to easy the load we plan to build a dedicated machine of our own to host some of the servers down below are the links to the full build and then the link to what we have left to buy.  Most of the donations are going to this project.  I will update this as we go.

Full Dedicated Machine Build:  https://pcpartpicker.com/user/skylarcoolya/saved/#view=Vg8hP6

What is left to buy: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/skylarcoolya/saved/#view=P67rxr

We understand that these parts may not meet your standards but for what we need we believe this will run our servers perfectly fine I already know I am going to get hate for amd yes I know amd is not good for GAMING but we are talking about hosting MINECRAFT servers we will dedicated 1 core (minecraft only allows 1) to each server which has 3.3GHz by default a long with a ssd with the amount of ram we need for that server so everything will run perfectly fine. :)

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